Our Roots

We are a third generation, single family farm in southern California.   Check back soon for our full story!


Our produce

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, best tasting produce around. To do that we take great pride in every step of the growing process. From seed, to soil, we grow all of our produce organically and responsibly. We also take special care to focus our selections on what grows best in our climate from season to season. Check back soon for a full list of produce we grow, and when it will be available.


our mission


At The Farm on Wilkes Road, we grow high quality, nutritious produce using organic and sustainable farming practices to provide our customer with a product that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but a healthy earth.




We offer a variety of box sizes and you can even pick the frequency at which you want to receive your produce. Produce offerings are based on what is in season. Check out our shop for all of the options.



Our passion for great produce is directly related to our passion for great tasting, nutritious food.  After all, what good is quality produce without recipes to make them in to meals?  We've compiled a list of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy. Check back often, as we're adding new recipes all the time.

We would love to hear how you are using your produce as well. You can send us your recipes here.