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FARM Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast

This is one our of favorite versions of avocado toast! It's simple and comes together in a flash.


-       1/2 FARM Avocado

-       1 piece of bread (toasted, we love multigrain or sourdough)

-       1 small tomato, chopped

-       Kalamata olives, chopped

-       Balsamic Vinegar

-       Goat Cheese

-       Salt and pepper (to taste)



Mash avocado, salt and pepper. Spread on toast and top with tomato, cheese and olives. Drizzle with balsamic. You can also spread the cheese on the toast prior to adding toppings.



Avocado / Tomato Salad
Avocado / Tomato Salad

This salad is so easy, it comes together in as long as it takes to cut everything up. It's a go-to for us when we are low on time, and in need of a healthy side item. It also makes a great entree when you top it with grilled chicken!


 - 1 FARM Avocado - cubed

 - 2 Tomatoes - cubed

 - 1 head of lettuce (we love romaine)

 - Italian Dressing (we love Bernstein’s)



Chop lettuce and top with tomatoes and avocados. Toss with dressing. Enjoy!


FARM Guacamole

Classic Guacamole

This is FARM original recipe is a guarantee hit for game day, or any day. 


- 1-2 FARM avocados - mashed

- 1/4 - 1/2 cup FARM salsa

- 4-6 slices of pickled jalapeño

- 1 clove of garlic

- Salt (to taste)

- Juice of 1/2 lime - about 1 tablespoon


Mince jalapeño and garlic together. Combine all ingredients and mash to desired consistency. Enjoy with tortilla chips.